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The Ordinary Way have set their sights on the world. Their music has not been compared to anyone, and they consider that an honor. Incorporated into the music are elements of almost all styles including but not limited to funk, rock, jazz, blues, improvisation, reggae, soul, and gospel. They move you, and listening is not an option when you can’t help but feel it.

The Ordinary Way

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Home base is the Northern Virginia area including Washington D.C., and current routing brings them as far north as Vermont and Rochester, and as far south as the tip of Florida. Acts they have shared the stage with include Schleigho, Mecca Bodega, Agents of Good Roots, Keller Williams, The David Nelson Band, ulu, Fat Mama, Sanjay Mishra, Blue Miracle, David Gans, Ode To Abbey, and Juggling Suns. Venues have ranged from the classy new State Theatre in Fall’s Church, Virginia to some dumpy dives you’ve never heard of and everything in between - including the summer festival circuit.

“Rising” is The Ordinary Way’s first EP and they have sold 1000 copies of it in just over six months, and are on their second pressing now. Their second album, "Death and Taxes" will be released in early July, 2001.

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"Rise", "Stone Woman", and "Heaven" off of their cd Rising were played on the television program "Outward Bound" on the Discovery Channel which appeared on Saturday, October 28th.  "Rising" was also reviewed in the October issue of Relix magazine, and the December issue of

The band consists of seven members with others on some nights.  Gordon Sterling is on lead guitar and vocals. Chris Stringfellow does the bass and rhythm guitar. Austin Mendenhall plays the mandolin and rhythm / lead guitar. Joe Joyce hits the skins and percussion.   Jesse Hooper pounds the keyboards, Fabienne Gustave belts out lead and backup vocals, and Ryan Leonardo is on percussion.

None of this means anything till you see them perform. Some bands are just live bands, and this is one of them. The Ordinary Way has a concept behind it. Perform each night as if it were the last one, be as professional as possible, always remember what is important, and leave everyone with a smile, a dropped jaw and a tired ass from too much shaking.


The Ordinary Way have been confirmed for the 4th of July on the Mall which
is usually in front of 5-10,000 people!

The new CD "Death and Taxes" is almost done.  It will be released by the end of July.

The second cross country tour is in the planning stages for this summer.  Dates have already been booked for the east coast and south east!

Upcoming and Recently Past Shows:

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The Ordinary Way are kicking ass is all there is to say.  The CD "Rising" is now on sale at Tower Records, Kemp Mill, Island Dyes, Sam Goody, and CD Warehouse in University Mall.  It is also available on-line at, where you can use your credit card and hear sound bytes off the album as well.
Bands we've played with

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Babba Seth    The Big Wu   Black Eyed Susan        

Blue Miracle   Bela Fleck and the Flecktones    Down To Earth        

Ekoostik Hookah      Electric Red      Everything Bagels

Fat Mama     Galactic     David Gans    Good Charlotte      

Good Question        David Grisman       Indoe Loop    

John Scofield  Tim Reynolds     Tribe of Ben    Mecca Bodega      

Sanjay Mishra       Jacob Fred Jazz Oddysey

Jah Works       Jhinx      Juggling Suns    

Keller Williams     Lake Trout      Mother Freedom    

David Nelson Band     The Next Step     Ode To Abbey      

Rebus    The Recipe    

Rhesus       Schleigho      SEV     Strangefolk

Slim       Splintered Sunlight         ulu   The Vogonz    

Yonder Mountain String Band

If anyone out there would be willing to hand out flyers for The Ordinary Way where you live and frequent, please call me at 703-352-1474.  We can offer low pay, good music, the occasional pass, and damn good opportunity.  

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