Full Steam Ahead promotes some of the biggest events in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  FSA uses grass roots, online, e-mail, and traditional forms of promotion such as radio, tv, and press to get the word out.  We work with the smallest of bands to the largest presenter of music in the United States.  Rates are available for the struggling musician as well, just get in touch.  We can tailor promotion to your specific needs, and are able to get your material in the right hands of the right people.  With over ten years of grass roots experience in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Full Steam Ahead puts your show in capable hands.

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The following is a list of companies FSA is doing business with.  Please visit their web sites, and support live music.  For detailed information, please contact Full Steam Ahead.

Walther Productions puts on the best shows in the jam band scene, period.  
A lot of thought goes into each festival, band, and audience member.  The
All Good Festival is entering it's fifth year, and is one of the top four festivals
in it's genre in the United States.  Please stop by the web site, and see all
the good music Walther Productions has to offer.

Clear Channel is the largest entertainment corporation in the United States
from what I can see.  Just go to the site, enter in your area code, and see all
the shows and events in your neck of the woods.  These guys do everything
from music to theatre to the stuff on SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!  Some of
local stuff includes Nissan Pavillion, Nation, and Merriweather Post.

Nation is home to some of the largest dance parties in Washington, D.C.  
They have been a host to Buzz on Friday nights for years, and have begun to
be just as successful on Thursday nights for Alchemy and Saturday nights
for Velvet.  In addition to the above, Nation also hosts concerts ranging
from Alicia Keys to Motorhead to Widespread Panic.  The room holds
2000 people, and has an outside patio in the summer.

They now have a guarded parking lot, and a second level, and a great
light system.  The weekend parties last until 6 a.m.

The 930 club is the ultimate success story in my opinion.  Guy opens bar, builds it over time, not
letting the big guys at the time (Cellar Door) get him down.  The club works, and saw bands like
The Smashing Pumpkins and other greats come through at a time when nobody was paying attention.  Eventually, the crowd out grows the venue, and the owner (Seth) buys a new location.  This
new location is voted best club in America several times, and really does a great job at hosting
a variety of music, in a somewhat intimate setting.  They have great food, and much
of it is vegetarian friendly.  www.930.com

Sunshine Daydream campground is as close to heaven on
earth that a festival lover can get.  It is nestled in the rolling
hills of West Virginia, about 30 minutes from Morgantown.  
It is the home of The Recipe Family Cookout, Jerry's
Birthday Bash, The 6th Annual All Good Festival, and
about 10 other festivals a year.

What makes SSDD so great is not the amount of shows it puts on each season.  It is the people behind
the scenes.  Trip, Emily, Billee, and Rick are all working on making a legitamate business out of
a recreation we all enjoy.  Camping, drum circles, vending, a two level barn, a full service bar, excellent production, aware emergency services, and smiling happy people can all be found out thar in dem hills.