Full Steam Ahead is not currently booking any bands, and is concentrating on managing Laidback.  Listed below is a partial roster of bands Full Steam Ahead has booked for.   For information on any band, please visit the Full Steam Ahead Contact Page, the artist's web sites,  or join The Mailing List  for weekly updates.  I also keep an occasional Road Journal detailing life on the road, and experiences the bands and I have had on different tours.  Lastly, please stop by and say hello at the Gathering of the Minds (our message board).

Catch A Fire is a five piece band based out of Maryland, which is just beginning on the path, but has already made people stand up and take notice.  Their original songs are powerful, with emotions ranging from soft like the Counting Crows, to hard with memories of Zepplin and The Doors.

Some bands naturally have the motivation and desire, coupled with the talent to create their own success, and this is one of those bands.  You can feel it from the first time you see them perform.   The energy is present, and you cannot deny it.

Jennifer On Sunday produces smooth, smart, guitar-driven rock with a meticulous combination of strong vocal melodies, rich guitar chords, and streaming bass lines.  JOS just released their 3rd record (2nd full-length album), Paper Covers Rock. This album is their greatest effort yet, with the band's best material. It is deeper and stronger than previous recordings, and JOS is very excited about the new sounds.

The line-up consists of: Jim Hodson - vocals, guitar,  Eric Frost - drums, backing vocals, Jake Bell - bass, keyboard, backing vocals

Jennifer On Sunday is also working daily to expand the band's touring base to points north, south, and west of its current area. We hope you're ready for them!


I have been going to see the Next Step for over 10 years now.  The power of The Grateful Dead is huge, and what else could make a group of people play others music for so long.  The band is professional, and plays almost every song the Dead ever did, with some others thrown in for good measure.

From their site, (www.thenextstep.com)
"The Next Step is more than just a Grateful Dead Tribute band from the Washington D.C. area. The Next Step is the traveling focal point of the local Grateful Dead scene. We come together to do more than just pay tribute to the Dead. We come to find the peace, love, and magic that we all have experienced since our very first show. We come to share, smile, and DANCE.

Odyssey comes booming out of the remnants of The Groovalistic All Stars, playing the likes of funk masters, Maceo Parker, The Meters, and Galactic.

Made up of five extremely talented musicians, this band has all the components to succeed in getting noticed.  Bearing a smooth groove, and with a DJ laying the ground work, Odyssey creeps up through your feet and overtakes your ass till you have no choice but to get the get down.  

This band is currently playing from New York to South Carolina, and out to Ohio.  They fit nicely into the jam band circuit, but also feel right at home at jazz clubs, frat parties, and formal white house affairs.