What Can Full Steam Ahead Do For You?

Full Steam Ahead was founded in response to the dominance of larger promotion companies within the music and entertainment industries.  While these companies may be successful on a regional and national scale, local bars and bands usually can not afford their services.  Even if most people could afford them, their customer service is usually poor and the promotions area is not concentrated enough.

The DC/VA/MD area continues to grow yearly.  Full Steam Ahead treats each area as its own entity (Fairfax, Springfield, etc).  While most people would love customers to come 60 miles to their bar/band/restaurant, it takes steady promotions, time, and effort to get to that point.  Most customers of any given establishment live within thirty minutes driving time.  It is our goal to concentrate heavily on all the occupants within a thirty mile radius of whatever business we are representing, and reach farther out when needed.

Promotion and advertising do bring in more business.  That much is proven.  The question is how and where to do it, and also how much to spend for it to be well worth the effort.  Full Steam Ahead is the most affordable company in the business and we encourage people to confirm this.  We are available weekly, monthly, or even on a one time basis, and currently do promotions at over four hundred different locations in the Northern Virginia area alone.  We use several methods including flyering, e-mail, mailing lists, word of mouth, and festivals.  More customers are unavoidable and thousands more people will hear the name of your establishment, event, festival, or band within weeks.

Full Steam Ahead was founded on a basic premise: Do a good job promoting local establishments and bands, make it affordable, and we will all profit.  You get more business, we get a larger client base, and people learn of a new place to go.  Please contact me if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you.


Greg Keyser

Full Steam Ahead Distribution

Full Steam Ahead can help you promote your event or band with its flyer distribution service.  You provide the flyers, we get them out to the masses.

The DC route costs $125 and is done every weekend

The VA cost $75 and is also done every weekend

We are also available to go to various concerts and flyer the cars in the parking lots.  Putting flyers on the car windshields is an great way to get the message out about your event.  We pass flyers out to the crowds as the concert lets out too.

Bands get discounts, just call Greg Keyser at 703-425-3410 for info.

Current and Past Clients include SFX , Nissan Pavillion, Walther Productions, 930 Club, State Theatre, Sunshine Daydream, National Theatre, and many bands and productions companies.  

DC Distribution List (Current as of Jan, 03)

1) Melody Music (Georgetown)
2) Smash (Georgetown)
3) Orpheus (Ballston)
4) Commander Salamander (Georgetown)
5) Barnes & Noble (Georgetown)
6) Ben & Jerry's (Georgetown)
7) Urban Outfitters (Georgetown)
8) Starbucks (Lower Dupont Circle)
9) Olssons (Metro Center)
10) Tower Records
11) GWU University
Student Union / Food Court
Freshmen Dorms
Music Building

Fine Arts Building
Kiosks around campus (6)
12) Kemp Mill (Dupont Circle)
13) Melody Music (Dupont Circle)
14) Lamda Rising (Dupont Circle)
15) Kemp Mill Records (Midtown)
16) Starbucks (upper Dupont circle)
17) The Guitar Shop
18) Vertigo Books
19) Olssons (Georgetown)
20) DCCD (Adams Morgan)
21) Atomic Music
Student Union Building

Courtyard / Quad Area
Freshman Dorms
Classroom Building next to Student Unions
23) Poster shop on M St
24) Burrito Brothers
25) Music Now
26) King of Falafel
27) CD Warehouse

Virginia Distribution List

1) Waxie Maxie's (Manassas)
2) Food Court (Manassas Mall)
3) Sam Goody (Manassas Mall)
4) The Wall (Manassas Mall)
5) Classic Axe (Manassas)
6) Coconuts (Manassas)
7) Dragon Song (Manassas)
8) Tower Records (Fairfax)
9) The Wall (Fair Oaks Mall)
10) Kemp Mill (Fair Oaks Mall)
11) Record/Tape Exg. (Fairfax)
12) Borders Books (Fairfax)
13) Guitar Center (Fairfax)
14) NOW Music and Fashion (Ballston)
15) George Mason (Fairfax)
Johnson Center
Robinson A
Robinson B
Student Union 1
Student Union 2
East Hall
Lecture Hall
Freshmen Dorms
Thompson Hall
16) Twinbrooke Music (Fairfax)
17) Malek's Pizza (Springfield)
18) Waxie Maxies (Springfield)
19) FYE (Springfield Mall)
20) Kemp Mill (Springfield Mall)
21) Sam Goody (Springfield Mall)
23) Island Dyes (Springfield Mall)
24) Tower Records (Duke Street)
25) Jammin Java (Vienna)
26) Rolls Music (Alexandria)
27) NOVA Campus (Alexandria)
Fine Arts Building
Game Room
Student Union
28) Olssons (Arlington)
29) Orpheus (Arlington)
30) Atomic Music (Arlington)
31) Fresh Fields (Arlington)
32) Hard Times Café (Arlington)
33) Bardo's (Arlington)
34) NOVA Music and Arts (Burke)
35) Old Towne Music (Alexandria)

In addition to the above, flyers are distributed randomly at any location we see that is available.

Also, if you have any suggestions for new drop off points, we would be happy to work with you on getting them on the list.

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